Men's Basketball Pre-Season Info

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Happy new school year to everyone and welcome to another exciting beginning for Wildcat Basketball. We will soon start our pre-season workouts. It will be a great opportunity for candidates to condition, improve skills and prepare for tryouts Nov. 1st.

We are still in Covid protocol mandates from the district and they must be adhered to at all times. The athletes are still required to wear mask in the gym and wt. room - although not ideal - it is just a layer of protection which our district requires.

Lastly, if an athlete is participating in a school sponsored fall sport, then they do not need to be at pre-season. They will tryout once their season ends.

Please feel free to contact me with questions

Coach Hartsfield

(Coach's email included the following two paragraphs. The attachments mentioned are pasted below. The registration portal is active on this website - click on the ATHLETIC FORMS tab at the top)

"There are two attachments - a preseason information memo and a calendar for the Sept/Oct workout days and times. Please also note page two of the parent letter. There is information on the new athletic website. Please go to the website and register your athlete. I am also pasting that info into this email from our Athletic Director, Coach Trumbower.

Please note in the attachments the expectations of all candidates, the dates and times for workouts and the emphasis on the commitment necessary to take part."

Wildcat Basketball
To: 2021/22 Basketball Candidates & Parents
From: Coach Ray Hartsfield
Date: Sept. 1, 2021
Subj: ECHHS Men’s Basketball Preseason Conditioning Program
Welcome back to the beginning of another school year. It is time to prepare for what we are expecting to be an exciting basketball season. In the past 25 years, our program has had its’ share of success and notoriety.
Many of the young men who have been in the program already know our expectations. And those who want to become part of the program – must learn quickly that our rules and expectations of basketball players are not negotiable… you must and will be disciplined, or you will not be a part of this program – that is the bottom line.

We have a simple yet effective philosophy – Academics, Citizenship and then Basketball – those are the expectations and they must follow them in that order… work hard to be a good student, always be a good person and then basketball follows. My assistant coaches (Varsity coaches - Mike Jones, John Alcox, and JV coaches – Adam Watkins and Gabe Strathern) and I are committed to making your sons experience a positive one, but he must be willing to work hard at every aspect of our philosophy. If he does, he may capture the prize at the end of the rainbow.

We will begin working out on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021. Between then and the first day of tryouts, Nov.1st, we will have 30 workouts scheduled (not counting the voluntary Saturday morning workouts. Saturday skill sessions are from 9 am – Noon. Our workouts are Monday – Thursday from 4:15-5:45 pm. When the whistle blows they must be on line and ready to stretch.

Our workouts will end promptly at 5:45 pm each day and they will be ready for pick-up no later than 5:55 pm. Candidates should make every effort to attend 80% of the workouts between now and Oct. 28th. That is 24 of the scheduled 30 workouts. A calendar of the September workout schedule is attached to this packet, and they must have a current physical for this school year to participate. We do not workout at school on holidays or teacher workdays. (if a workout day falls on a holiday or teacher workday – then the workout is cancelled).

Finally, the one thing that I must emphasize is that attending pre-season workouts is no guarantee of making the team. The only thing I can promise is that you will be in better shape when tryouts come around. We cannot wait until November to prepare for the season. Our success has always been based on our willingness to work year-round.

I hope this memo answers many of your questions. If you have more questions, then feel free to email me at


• The first day of Tryouts will be Nov. 1st 2021
• The following is the new method for registering an athlete:

• Athletic Information for 2021-2022 School Year
• New Website:

• We have a new website.

• We have a new mobile app - available in google play and App store (search East Chapel Hill High School)

• Our registration site will be on our website this week but you can reach it at. (Click on this link)

Click Here

• Instructions are on the website. You should create an account, and you must have your student ID number (lunch number), if you do not, please email me and I will get it to you.

• Attendance is taken each day – candidates are expected to be on time
• If a candidate is playing a fall sport, then they don’t need to worry about preseason workouts… they will try out when their fall season ends

Wildcat Basketball 2021Preseason Workout
Schedule: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur. – 4:15 – 5:45 pm
Saturday mornings will be skill work from 9:00 am – noon
• Stretch, road work (12 minute run on first day, then one mile run first two weeks), Weight Room (start with making sure they know and understand each lift - then Circuit – high reps/low wt) – 45 min and finish with Jumping Jacks… Our numbers will tell us how many stations we need to set up. But the first week we will go 30 sec per station and attempt to go through each station twice. Stretch afterward and emphasize hydration after workouts.
• (Transition to gym when available), Utilize basketball specific exercises quickness and agility drills… single-legged bounding, wall-sits, ladder, line drill, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, reaction drills, lane slides, closeout breakdown chop and maintain solid defensive base!
• Individuals (both offense and defense) – One basketball lesson per day – repeat twice and add lesson on 3rd day (should work out to two per week) - emphasis defensively will be on staying down and seeing the ball (vision is everything) – footwork/placement will control everything. Offensive emphasis will be on getting open, making correct pass for the situation, learn to backdoor overplay, and balance the floor by recognizing movement on the floor… stay engaged.
Young guys just want to play – our emphasis this year is on COMMITMENT TO TEAM FIRST, MY TEAMMATES ARE SECOND AND I AM THIRD! – First and utmost is the commitment to learn how to play with a purpose – not just depending on raw talent. They must embrace learning to play as a team – recognize situations, right pass for the moment, learn the rules for shooting and the rules for dribbling.
They must commit to being a STUDENT OF THE GAME, AND ALL THAT ENTAILS!

• Move the Defense
• Be open
• Be in your range
• Move the defense (ala the shallow dribble)
• To improve your passing angle
• Dribble explosion to the basket to score
• Utilize bounce pass below the FT line
• Utilize two motions (either look off or pass fake) on post entry
• Don’t float passes
• Master all passes – good passers create good teams
• Step on defender to improve passing angle


M-6 Labor Day TU-7 Off W-8 Workout Day TH-9 Workout Day F-10 Off ST-11 Skill Work

M-13 Workout Day TU-14 Workout Day W-15 Workout Day TH-16 Workout Day FR-17 Off ST-18 Skill Work

M-20 Workout Day TU-21 Workout Day W-22 Workout Day TH-23 Workout Day FR-24 Off ST-25 Skill Work

M-27 Workout Day TU-28 Workout Day W-29 Workout Day TH-30 Workout Day